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Department of Fisheries and Oceans Piloting

Since 2019, Liam Olders Aerial has been contracted by DFO in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to collect Blow Samples from the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale species. The drone has a Petri dish mounted to a servo mechanism that Liam opens and closes from his remote controller. Closing the Petri dish is important as it prevents the samples from drying out and getting contaminated. Helping the scientists monitor the health of the endangered Right Whales is both gratifying and fun. Liam is looking forward to 2021! 

 Here is a link to an Instagram post from Liam Olders made after last year’s trip. 

 The Snot bot was built by Gabriel Kocher (Gab707) and the drone frame was designed by Andy Shen (Shendrones).



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